Your CPR Survival Guide Post “Blow-Out”

Here is a story you may be familiar with…

You have been successfully on the (gluten / sugar / coffee / alcohol) free program for some time now, hell yeah!! You’re feeling fantastic! Your diet is clean and you feel all the better for it! Yee-ha


On comes a stressful day and you find yourself at the nearest bakery smashing down a pie & a chocolate tart (or two)…

You go to a party after not binge drinking for some months and drink a whole bottle of champaz all to yourself….

Someone has a birthday in the office when you had given up gluten for the last 6 months and you eat half the birthday cake once you get a taste…

You crack! “Why not” you think, in the moment… ever had one of these days? “Sod it” you take the whole day off, you’ve done it now, you may as well enjoy it right?!

I am about to share with you my 10 Step CPR Recipe for bouncing back from a blow out moment (or day). We all have bad days right? The good news is, we can stop ourselves in our tracks (before we catastrophise) and undo our hard work. All you need to do is follow a few simple re-set steps.

Firstly it is important to note:

Each and every one of us is human and humans have floors, we slip up! We do things we shouldn’t, even when we know there will be consequences to follow… and guess what? It’s ok! Often the harder we are on ourselves, the harder it is to bounce back!

(even I have been known to be presented with an overwhelming amount of stress to find myself neck deep in something I know will make me feel shit after!)

So when all hell breaks loose and you go the whole hog, what helps is a  First Aid action Plan! I often get asked how to come back from one of these days, so I thought I would share my steps here with you today.

Here is how to press the re-set button!

Complete the following in the 24 hours post blow out and you will be back on track and “right as rain” before you know it…

 1. Breathe!

Often when we realise what we have done or how we feel, we freak out, we berate ourselves and feelings of guilt arise! Stop that, it’s all good. Right now is a new moment (moving forward) and tomorrow is a new day. Forgive yourself!

2. Hydrate!

Drink plenty of water in the following 24 hours to flush it all out (especially good if there was plenty of sugar and or alcohol involved) I find ice-cold H20 makes me feel great during this phase!

3. Pipe Down!

If you are having a post sugar cranky come down and want to rip the head off anyone asking anything of you, take yourself to one of the following –  Lie down, take a nap // Have a cold shower // Jump in the ocean! One or all of the three will calm you. If your circumstances don’t allow you to do any of these steps, simply step outside and grab some fresh air, take a walk around the block and chill out!! It will pass

4. Be bitter!

According to Ayurveda, the ancient Indian modality, bitter foods promote detoxification and lightness in our body… just what the doctor ordered… The cleaner (more savoury) the flavours the better. Think dandelion tea and rocket salads… Dark leafy green leaves & green vegetables are the go during this time!

5. Sour Mouth!

Squeeze a big whack of lemon in your water for the next 24 hours. I juice a lemon and put it in a 1.5L bottle to take around with me where ever I go! Lemon is great for alkalising our insides, boosting our metabolism and flushes out the liver

6. Protein!

The antidote to sugar is protein peeps! Have a steak, eat some fish and snack on nuts… basically keep it low sugar and high protein!

7. Out With The Bad – In With The Good!

Remove the temptation immediately, if there is any left that is… bin it baby (despite your families wishes)!

8. Sweat it Out!

Go for a jog, take yourself to the gym, do a boxing class, get your heart rate up and do something that will make you feel great! You will find me walking up the local lighthouse when I’ve had too much to drink the night before (it doesn’t take much) it always makes me feel a million times better.

9. Replace!

Dig out the chlorella & probiotics – fill your guts with some good bacteria! Chlorella is my favourite for getting rid of sticky substances from inside and flushing them right on out of there if you know what I mean….

10. Be A Minimalist!

Keep your meals small during your CPR phase. Think small frequent meals, and only eat if you are hungry. If you aren’t hungry – don’t eat!

Bonus Step – Try my 8 days in 8 ways re-set challenge!!

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Do you have any secret CPR tools you bring out to save you from spiraling on a Blow-Out Day?






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