10 Effortless Ways to Become Healthier Today


#1. Squeeze a lemon in your water first thing in the morning –

Lemons are a fabulous antibacterial, antiviral, immune boosting tonic. The juice of half a lemon each morning will fire up your metabolism, assist in the detoxification of your liver and boost the process of fat loss.

#2. Switch from black tea to herbal tea of an evening –

Caffeine is both a stimulant and a diuretic, which means this warm drink could be breaking your very valuable sleep cycle without you connecting these dots. Try switching to a herbal tea, it has a myriad of medicinal properties on offer depending on the variety, for example peppermint tea after dinner is cooling in nature and a great digestive, whereas chamomile is fabulous for calming your nerves, preparing you for sleep.

#3. Swap from Table salt to Himalayan rock salt –

Salt is an important part of a humans diet, and since our bodies do not naturally produce salt, it is up to us to source it in through our nutrition… what you should know, is conventional table salt is not the best choice you could be making for your health. The process that table salt undergoes before it hits the shelves at the supermarket strips it of all it’s minerals via a chemical process and furthermore, often has anti caking chemicals that damage our health. Himalayan salt on the other hand, found in it’s organic environment, has been naturally occurring for thousands of years high up in the Himalayan mountains. This aromatic version contains up to 80 different (naturally occurring) minerals which proves to have immense health benefits assisting the way your body functions.

#4. Eat fresh fruit instead of dried –

Here’s a fun fact for you: Dried fruit has the sugar concentration of 5 times + that of it’s fresh counterpart!! Yes you heard me, eating dried fruit can be worse than chowing down on a chocolate bar!! For the sake of stable blood sugar levels, avoiding a mood roller coaster and minimizing weight gain – stick to the fresh stuff, 2-3 pieces of low sugar fruit is ideal.

#5. Switch to organic grass fed meat/ Sourced Locally –

One of the best things you can do for your health, hormones + environment, is to switch from supermarket packaged meat, to the local grass fed, free range, organic variety. Animals raised on an organic farm are fed organic feed, allowed to roam freely, consume a wider variety of nutrients and are exposed to far less chemicals then their factory raised, non organic, GMO fed, antibiotic filled counterparts. If you can only afford to invest in one form of organic food – make it the animal products you buy (of course, the more the better).

#6. Sit in 15 minutes of complete stillness each day. No devices, no television, no music.

I know that many of you will respond to this one with, “I don’t have a spare second in my day!” I hear you, you are busy, and your life is chokers! What if I told you, taking 15 minutes out of your busy day could prove more valuable and life enhancing than anything else you do? It may mean setting your alarm 15 minutes early or heading to bed 15 minutes later, however it’s time worth making! You can even squeeze it in on your lunch break in a park, or a bathroom cubical if you have to!!  Simply sit for a few minutes to reflect, breathe deeper, and be still. This quiet time will bring invaluable new ideas + fresh outlooks to your life + give you time away from technology (positive ions) that can be very detrimental to both our physical and psychological health.

#7. Eat as much green food as possible. Green smoothies, green veggies, green herbs!!

Greens are so darn good for you! I don’t even know where to begin. They are packed full of chlorophyll, disease fighting phyto-chemicals, anti inflammatory antioxidants and have an alkalizing & detoxifying effect on your liver. You can start to include more greens by adding a couple of leaves of kale to your breakfast smoothie, including a side salad to your main meals, or putting a handful of fresh herbs in your breakfast eggs. Parsley and mint are two staples in my home and compliment almost any meal.

#8. Spend 10 minutes to stretch out tired muscles daily –

Almost everyone suffers from some sort of muscular ache or pain from time to time, if not daily for various different lifestyle reasons. Why? Because we spend so much time sitting down at our work desk, constantly doing repetitive movements and forget to counter balance. Our muscles shorten, and tighten and we lose flexibility quickly. Lack of flexibility causes injuries and unhappiness. It’s never too late to start a stretching routine, and it doesn’t have to take up a lot of time. Reach your toes for a moment in the shower each day, do a gentle glute stretch and lower back stretch before bed… or even better – sign up to an online yoga station – yoga glo is a great way to stream online unlimited yoga classes for $18 per month. Seriously – check that out <<

#9. Grab an exercise buddy and schedule in times each week you can train together –

What more of an incentive to get out of bed for your morning exercise, then when you’re meeting a friend! I still to this day do a regular walk with a girlfriend, and every time we finish with comment of how quickly it went by – it seems our mouths move faster than our legs…

#10. Switch from ice cream for dessert to natural yogurt & berries ‘w’ some cinnamon –

No one with a sweet tooth wants to be deprived of their treat after dinner, so here is a very delicious alternative. Source an organic yogurt (I love Baramah Organics), add a small handful of fresh/frozen *sprayfree berries and dust with some cinnamon for added spicy sweetness. It might (psychologically) take a couple of days to adjust to this one, but once you do, your body will thank you for it, and you will be done with the sugar laden desserts for good!!

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