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“Working with Candice is a membership to feeling your absolute best! Feel energized, alive, radiant, positive, lean, well-slept, empowered, self accepting and self motivated!”


See below for your options, designed to suit your needs, time and budget:

1. Candice Fit Group Personal Training, & Corporate Workshops

The most popular & cost effective service offered at Candice Fit is my women’s group training program, click here to go directly to the page to read more! With years of experience working with businesses to increase energy and efficiency within the work place, clients report increased productivity and a sense of camaraderie between colleagues. Candice has worked with corporate groups such as North Byron Beach Resort.

The Benefits of Group Fitness Training In Your Workplace:

  • Improved productivity & performance
  • Create a community feeling between employees
  • Increase staff resilience
  • Improved ability to cope with workplace stress
  • Increase staff morale
  • Brings trust between co-workers + increased staff engagement
  • Improved physical & mental health

++ This option can be taken outdoors, in the gym or in your workplace ++KHolmes_CandiceBriggs_2016_100

2. Premium Fitness & Lifestyle Program

This is a premium personalised service for those of you who are looking for a major holistic transformation in your health, fitness, lifestyle and mindset.

Be aware – it is not just ‘drop in for a session’, it’s a membership to feeling your absolute best. With my guidance and support, it’s simple and sustainable – all you have to do is show up!

I hold all of my clients accountable and each week includes:

  • 2 x 60 minute personal training session p/wk with Candice
  • Mini weekly challenges – specific to getting you closer to your big goals
  • Holistic guidance to improve self esteem & your relationship to food.
  • Unlimited online support + feedback + weekly food diary assessments

Initial consultation: We spend 90mins together to dig deep in to where you truly wish your health & fitness would be and the barriers that have been holding you back, followed by a fitness assessment to see where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Then we set the wheels in motion and move forward to get you the results you are after. KHolmes_CandiceBriggs_2016_136

3. Partnered Premium Fitness & Lifestyle Program

Partnered training is a terrific and cost effective option if you know someone who shares similar goals & also also wants to feel their best! Have fun and share journey together. (having a workout buddy makes you doubly accountable plus twice as motivated!)

  • The content is the same as my Premium Fitness & Lifestyle Program (see above)

       “A workout shared, is a workout well spent!”

++ Perfect for new mums who want to work together to get their pre-baby body back ++ KHolmes_CandiceBriggs_2016_69

4. Personalised Fitness Program with Regular Updates:

If you are a regular gym go’er who has the drive and determination but you struggle with knowing what exercises to do that will get you the results you are after, then this is for you!

Personalised Program Package Includes:

  • 1 x 90 min fitness test, technique tutorial & routine building session (in this session we build you your very own tailored fitness program)
  • 1 x 60 min 7 Day Follow up Session

How it works: We have an initial 90 min goal setting and routine building session where we find out where your strengths & weaknesses lie & devise the perfect workout plan for you to fit in to your lifestyle. Followed up by a 60 min additional follow up session within the next seven days.

As you get stronger, your program will evolve and change. By working together with you, I can assess your progress and build you a new program every four-six weeks to match your ongoing progression.

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Here’s to your good health!

Candice x

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