Tapping In to Your “Self Esteem” Reservoir

I got asked the question the other day…

“Why do you do what you do?”

It’s simple…

“I get a real kick out of helping people feel better about themselves! When clients are able to make simple and sustainable shifts in their exercise and nutritional habits, they inevitably get rewarded with feeling a sense of empowerment in their lives. This feeling extends way past the x hour’s spent in their lycra each week. They have taken action, and as a result, their quality of life increases around them. It is wonderful to be a part of.”

This got me thinking about all the different roads we go down in search of raising our self esteem and self empowerment.

I see it like this, there are two avenues we take to feel better about ourselves!

The first is temporary, perhaps momentary. It is largely the result of a material, externally derived stimulus. It lasts only for a fleeting moment before it needs topping up again, and is almost impossible to maintain. Often we don’t recognise it’s inability to provide longevity. Ever felt crappy and taken yourself on a little shopping spree in hope of feeling better? Did it work? Did it bring lasting satisfaction?

The alternative avenue digs deep, and though it may take a little longer to gain, once found, will make itself a little home to live inside of you. You tap in to a bottomless reservoir you can always draw upon. It is internally sourced and is endlessly giving once it’s discovered. It is more often then not a result of Pride // Personal achievement // Courage // Healthy body image // Of self acceptance.

Wouldn’t we all like to experience our reservoir? (and give our credit card a chance to cool off)

When we tap in to our inner self esteem, the search for the external version falls away, we stop chasing the constant need for material lifts and reassurance because we no longer need them. We are internally happy with who we are. It wouldn’t matter what pair of jeans we put on, what car we drive, we feel confident and ok just as we are. We have slipped in to our groove. Bingo! So how and where would one find this readily available reservoir?

We can tap in to our self esteem via various different stimuli…

Exercise // Education // Meditation // Giving to others // Self help books// Pod-casts // Volunteering // Learning new skills // A change in lifestyle // Finally doing that thing you have been saying you are going to do for years// Saying goodbye // Walking away // Walking in // Saying “yes!” //Taking the plunge // Taking action // Following through // Being bold – No outside approval necessary!

Working in my field has revealed that one of the most simple, actionable and long lasting methods for improving our self esteem and inner empowerment, is through the investment in our physical and nutritional health. Much to my fortune, I get to be a part of launching this catalyst, and watching it flourish and take form on a daily basis.

As adults we are all too good at over complicating our lives and getting caught up in a trap that can be described as “paralysis by analysis” or put simply, ourselves! We are our own biggest obstacles! Once we get step aside and get out of our own way, which may be spurred on via the gentle push from a Health and Fitness expert // Therapist // Life coach // Business coach // Good friend // Or perhaps even just finally making the decision to move forward on our own, the excuses that have been holding us back fall away. We have the “Aha” moment!

The hardest part is often making the initial decision

What we must always remember is that hard work and energy put in to this area of our life always pays off and is well worth all the effort. I promise!

Are you looking in the right places?


What do you think? Comments welcome below...