Simplistic Successful Snacking

I am always being asked by clients and friends, “Candice you don’t eat grains, and have limited dairy products, how do you eat healthily on the go? I have a family to prepare meals for and kids who I have to take to soccer practice, they may not want to adopt these changes. I don’t know if I will have time in my day to make alternative healthy snacks!”

Firstly, I am going to be frank – if your friends and family are not supportive of any healthy changes you endevour upon, I suggest you sit them down and have a positive, heartfelt discussion with them about what making these changes will mean for you. Whether you want to try going gluten free, or learn to ride a unicycle, it is so important to be in a supportive environment, and your number one fan club cheering you on should be none other than the ones closest to you – your friends and family!

Also, remind your loved ones that this is going to enhance your wellbeing and your happiness, which in turn will strengthen and enhance your relationship and allow you to give more outward energy to those around you. It’s a win win situation really!

Secondly, you need to be prepared. “I don’t have time” just doesn’t cut the mustard, as Michelle Bridges stated at a business conference I attended last week,

“Tony Abbot gets up for his morning walks every day, so if you are busier than the PM, then perhaps you can be let off the hook when it comes to not having enough time.”

If it is not a priority then, yes perhaps you are not yet ready to embrace the change needed to get the results you are chasing.

If it means something to you, you will find a way to make it work. I am guessing most of the times you have “one foot in the door and one foot out” is when you are faced with an unprepared dilemma – You are out and about, ravenous, at a friends house who serve up jam doughnuts for morning tea and you don’t know how to say no, so you crack in the name of “good manners”, or give in under rapidly dropping blood sugar circumstances…

The rest of the time, you are on track and “all in!” If you look at this realistically it translates to being 50% committed to the Get Sexy  Program (or whatever it means to you), which unfortunately, is not going to get you fitting in to those skinny leg jeans you were hoping to get back in to by Winter.

Here are some tips to making your life (on the go) a little easier when it comes to a whole foods and or paleolithic approach, so you can reach your goals once and for all.

1. Spend one afternoon per week cooking food that will keep in the fridge for when you are time short (I do this on Sundays).

  • Steam a Heap of Vegetables
  • Boil Half a Dozen Eggs
  • Bake Some of Your Favourite Veggies
  • Whip up a Frittata (Click for a great recipe from Supercharged Foods Blog)
  • Bake, Boil or Stir Fry 2 Chicken Breasts (cut them in to snack size pieces)

2. Buy easy preparation free snacks.

  • Olives (I am an olive freak)
  • Sirena Tuna
  • Lady Finger Bananas
  • Organic Nuts & Seeds (using sparingly as they are calorie dense)
  • Carrot, Cucumber & Capsicum Sticks
  • Almond Hummus (Recipe from my fav Paleo website Eat Drink Paleo)
  • Sliced Apple or Celery & Macadamia Nut Butter
  • Frozen Blueberries dusted with Cinnamon

If you have a little extra time, make your own Protein Balls – a great recipe from  The Superfood Kitchen

Make a Protein Smoothie the night before! Blend up some protein powder and your favourite smoothie ingredients and pour in to a jar so you can run out the door with it in the morning. This way you can drink it on school drop off, or commuting to work! I do this often, it takes 4 minutes and is sooooooo easy and helpful I can’t tell you!! I make mine after dinner and often have a little shot of it for dessert… yum!

Do you have any go to recipes that get you out of trouble when you are time precious?





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