How to Shoo The Flu, Candice Style!

Inspired by this absurd cold snap we woke up to this morning…

Sick kids often means sick Mum & Dad. Considering the majority of my clients have little ones, there have been many a cancellation, and on going nose-blowing mid push up during class this winter, one client even brought her Kleenex box to share with the group last week, to which was much appreciated by all my battling super-mums #bless…

So far I have managed to dodge all the lergys that have been on high circulation this season. Granted I don’t have children, however I do get up at crazy o’clock and spend prolonged durations standing in the elements for work.

So I thought it appropriate to share a few of my routine methods I use stay on top of my health, so you too can keep enjoying uninterrupted training and stay feeling amazing, as you so deserve to!

 1. Arma Force is the bee’s knees when you are teetering on the edge of illness or simply need a preventative. It’s a vitamin blend of Olive Leaf, Echinacea, and Andrographis by Bioceuticals. I pop one when ever the warning signs of impending illness arise & it always knocks it straight on the head

 2. Pukka Three Ginger Tea is my current winter obsession. I recommend throwing in a big slice of fresh lime for added flavour – it’s so delicious. You can buy the Pukka range from Santos, Shaz&Baz or Fundies, or buy online if that’s more your style. I would also try the “Love” & “Woman Kind” variety if you’re a tea floozy like me and like spicing it up regularly.

 3. Swim in the ocean. Sounds absurd, but the featured image is no joke – I swim (and jump in the even colder outdoor shower after) all through winter! It’s the best, and I absolutely swear it keeps me from getting sick! It’s counter intuitive to throw yourself in to the freezing water I know – alas, I actually go to the ocean when I feel I am getting sick, and it fixes me!!

 4. Soup!! Chicken soup and slow cooked stews are soooo damn good for keeping your body nourished and warm from the inside at the moment. Investing in a slow cooker could be the best investment you make for yourself this season! They are super easy to use and you almost can’t go wrong if you throw in some rustic cut veggies, stock, meat and let it work it’s magic for a few hours!

7. Get sweaty! Admittedly, I am one of those people who really enjoys to sweat. I love summer, I love heat, working out (of course), steam rooms, saunas, and Bikram yoga – the hotter the better! Winter is the perfect time to have a regular steam or visit a Bikram yoga class. I have been loving my hot yoga sessions lately for warming me up, keeping me limber and taming my monkey mind.

 8. Toasty Toes! Did you know, one of the quickest ways to lose body heat is through your feet? I have woollen socks, my favourites I purchased from the Corner Store in Bangalow who sell the funnest, most snuggly ones for $20 a pair. Avoid walking around with thongs, or bare feet – especially on floorboards or cement flooring…

 9. Ditch breakfast smoothies for some warm greens with your eggs or a broth if you prefer to stick to a liquid breakfast!

 10. Cover your chest! If you don’t wear a scarf then you should seriously consider investing in one. You pretty much won’t see me without one on in winter time. Keeping your chest warm means avoiding a nasty chest cold, coughs and all other lung and upper respiratory ailment. A highly recommended accessory for early morning/late evening outdoor ventures.

 11. Cook with heating foods like ginger, horseradish, pepper and chillies. I pretty much put chilli on everything at the moment; I drink ginger tea all day long and load up on pepper when I am dishing up my meals.

 10. Buy a hottie! Live in a typical Byron house? If you live in one of the many houses in Byron Bay (or anywhere else) that is completely ill equipped/built for the winter, then, other than having a super-dooper heater, and a handy friend that knows how to block a drafts like a boss – a really cheap and effective way to take the edge off the cold, is to buy a hot wear bottle! Try what I do, and place your hottie in bed half an hour before jumping in for extra snuggle factor.

 11. Cuddle as much as possible! Good news, body heat + body heat = warmth!!

Happy snuggle season to you


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