An Ode to Difficulty!


Born in to the world as a defiant little Taurean, with an intense Scorpio moon and a watery Cancer rising, I grew up being told by many intuitive types around my home town, that I “will have a difficult time…” which used to put so much fear in me, fear that my life would be a series of catastrophes, far more difficult than the next persons…

But by some grace I landed on the journey of Spiritual development from age 21 and slowly but surely, I have come to completely understand that difficulty they foresaw, only in a much richer context.

There is a decent level of discomfort in the process of transformation (the life, death, life cycles) that we either voluntarily or forcefully get thrown in to along our path, and when we are dismantling old beliefs and ways of being in order to rebuild and grow… it can be a rather messy process at times!

But is this a difficult life?
Is it star signs, karma & destiny?
Is it growing up in Byron Bay?

What I can tell you, is it’s not some bad luck written in the stars I once feared, it is in fact a choice. Not to live in misery – but to do the work, and to be ok with the difficulty that comes to visit us, when we endevour to understand ourselves deeply.

Life is difficult for all, we have our hearts broken often, by ourselves, by our lovers, by our children, and by the devastating state our world is in. We lose people along the way, have to re/parent our selves, be present to our children, maintain our health, hold down a job, and ideally, own our mistakes and take responsibility for our part in it all. None of that is easy.

And then a stranger is generous to you for no reason, you have a chance to make a mends with someone, a friend cooks you a cake for no reason, you see the most spectacular sunset, you connect with someone who touches your heart in some way, and in an instant… the world can make sense again. Welcome back in to your heart!

It takes courage and vigor to meet yourself in dark places, and as a teacher once told me, can require us to eat a whole lot of “humble pie!”

But by gosh, your difficulties, when you sit with them, turn in to something beautiful, I can promise you that.

So this is for anyone taking the steps and doing the work, in whatever capacity, I see you!

Your difficulties are not a warning sign of a life filled with future catastrophe, but a precursor for something deep and rich and fulfilling to come.

And to this I say, my friend, go gently, your pain, it’s here to teach you…
If you let it!

Love Candice


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