How The Energy of Magnetism Works!


Magnetism is an interesting energy.!

It’s something we all long for…⁣ and yet we so often go about acquiring it in the exact opposite way to how the energy works…⁣

We approach it as if it’s something we can get from “out there”, so we buy new clothes, wear make up, and diet, hoping to be noticed and approved of!⁣⁣

But whilst it might fill a hole temporarily, it rarely has lasting effects…⁣

Magnetism is found by connecting to your inner worth, it’s an inside cultivation, rather than an outward grasping…⁣⁣

To experience it, we need to be willing to turn in the exact opposite direction to what the world of marketing has invested so much money in to us buying in to! ⁣⁣

Whenever you find yourself searching outside yourself for validation… that is your moment of power to do the exact opposite to what you’ve been conditioned to do!⁣

My advice would be: don’t buy the clothes, don’t post the photo, don’t text the guy…⁣

Instead, hold your energy, feel your feelings… sleep on it. Phone a friend who has a strong sense of self, take a bath or a swim in the ocean.. and let the waves of needing an outside fix to pass… ⁣⁣

I have an agreement with myself to never make decisions if I’m feeling the need to fill a gap outwardly!⁣⁣

It takes practice, and a bit of self control, but it is truly the path to a happier heart and inner peace.

And the beauty is, you don’t need to do anything or be anything extra to have it, it’s simply about learning to sit with yourself long enough to realize that nothing you need in order to feel whole comes from outside of you, despite the 101 ways we are sold and told otherwise.

Fresh food, movement and meditation are some of the greatest ways to support building that inner foundation of radiance!⁣

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