Rave Reviews.

Group Class Reviews, Byron Bay:

This is a fun and energetic class! Candice is excellent at keeping you motivated and is always encouraging! I love that Candice takes a holistic approach with fitness and incorporates other lifestyle changes to help get the best for not just your body, but also your mind. Joining this fitness group has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my fitness! I feel more energised, stronger and fitter. And most of all, I have lots of fun each time I train. I leave feeling exhausted, happy and my endorphin’s are flying! + Elke Ricks, Byron Bay

Candice is the best trainer I have worked with. She has the ability to get the most out of you and at the same time ensure you don’t push your body over the edge. In the past I have had ongoing issues with weaknesses in areas that has quickly led to injury. Seven weeks in and I feel an all over strength I haven’t felt in a very long time. She is the best. + Anna Mead, Byron Bay

Whether you’re new to fitness groups or you’re a seasoned pro who can do burpees in your sleep, Candice is the best there is! Her classes are small & personal, sweaty & painful, and TOTALLY worth it. I’ve never felt better. + Freya Jinny, Byron Bay.

Candice has a special gift that makes you want to take care of yourself. I have never before been so dedicated to a fitness regime, I am coming into my fourth month and still look forward to my Monday and Wednesday afternoons. They are just the right mixture of sweat, laughter and stretching to get me though the week feeling great mind and body, thank you Candice! + Angie McCarthey, Byron Bay

I am nearly finished month three of training with Candice and I am loving it! My energy has skyrocketed and I am definitely seeing big changes to my fitness. I was so nervous of exercising in this way but Candice makes everything really accessible and fun and she knows when to push and when to support. There is an awesome bunch of women I’m training with and we really have lots of fun! Her classes are awesome awesome awesome and I’m so looking forward to where I’ll be in another three months. Big thanks to Candice and to the awesome 5pm crew. + Vanessa Smith, Mullumbimby

I needed something to give me a ‘reboot’ and have to admit was a little reluctant at first. After achieving such a great result from the first round of training I was extremely inspired and excited! I am really enjoying doing things I didn’t think I was capable of and the combinations of each session is perfect both physically and mentally. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to do something great for themselves. + Deanne Farrell, Byron Bay

Candice is an amazing person and trainer! She is so in tune with the individuals needs and understands fitness is more than physical shape, she understands that in order to live a balanced and for filling life you must use your exercise as a metaphor to help over come boundaries in all areas, the mind, body, energetic system and spirit! I’m very grateful for the influence Candice has had on my life and fitness! Thankyou dear lady. + Chev Kelly, Byron Bay

Five weeks ago I took the plunge and signed up for Candice’s groups. I have been pushed to and through what I thought were my physical limits were, all with encouragement and professionalism from Candice. Working out in the park in the fresh air with a wonderful bunch of women has been amazing and I am ready for round two!! I feel stronger, more energised, and confident in the strength and adaptability that my body is capable of. It is great to be friends with my body again. Thanks Candice! + Katie Savage, Byron Bay

I think Candice is an amazing personal trainer, the best I have ever trained with. She is full of knowledge and shares it in a caring direct way. Her classes are varied, fun and very effective. She is professional, punctual, to the point, knows her stuff, walks her talk… plus she gets results. I feel very inspired and lucky to be training with Candice. I totally trust I’ll be Candice Fit in no time under her watchful, caring wing. + Daisy Moon, Mullumbimby

Candice emanates health and happiness and empowers you to do the same. She’ll teach you that nourishing your body and strengthening your mind is imperative to reaching your physical goals. These little sessions with the ladies are my twice-weekly refresher. We all leave feeling physically shattered, but oh-so-satisfied and more powerful than before. They really are the highlight of my week! + Alex Henry, Byron Bay

A session with Candice will have you grunting, sweating, grimacing, groaning and laughing, and at the end of each session you’ll feel great knowing you worked out HARD! + Angela Ponsford, Byron Bay

I am absolutely loving training with Candice! I am feeling great and truly motivated to be my best possible self. She is inspiring, and so knowledgeable in everything health and fitness. She brings a caring element in to her classes (she is genuinely interested in how you are feeling)! I would highly recommend her as a trainer any day! + Michelle Campbell, Newrybar

Candice is the best personal trainer I’ve ever found! She is tough but kind and caring too. The small group sessions are fantastic! + Silver Groves, Byron Bay

Loving the group fitness sessions with Candice! I’ve just started with Candice for the Spring and am really enjoying the diversity in the training. Candice makes the sessions interesting, mixing it up each session which keeps me motivated to keep going. It’s been 2 years since I last trained with a personal trainer, but I’m so glad I’m back with Candice and getting those endorphins flowing again! + Emma Rolley, Byron Bay

I must say this is the best thing that’s happened for my health, she’s tough, she’s hard and makes you work to your absolute potential. I moan, I complain and carry on every session BUT every time I leave her company I am flying like the wind with energy, enthusiasm and feel good endorphins. I have to thank her for her commitment to doing her job and making me a fitter person. Thanks Candice I love you even though I moan a lot! + Rosy Staunton, Byron Bay

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One on One + Online Coaching Reviews:

We are so thrilled with our progress, and look forward to more. Every time my partner catches up with someone, he mentions his progress and working with you. If only you were only a fly on the wall to hear it all.. You would know what a BIG DIFFERENCE you make to people’s lives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. + Trudy & Brad, Byron Bay

I have kicked so many goals since I started with you at the beginning of April. You run a tight ship Candice, thanks so much. It was your 30 day challenge that really kicked it off, I started it on April 5, then it took about another month to reach my “true weight”, which I had been trying to do (unsuccessfully) for a few years before I began personal training with you. Now I’m the fittest (and lightest) I’ve been in 8 years. And I still enjoy the odd treat. Needless to say, I am thrilled with my results! + D.Thomas, Byron Bay

Working with you has been awesome, you keep me motivated and focused on my goals. With your help, I have lost 8kg I had been carrying around for two and a half years. My body is more toned than ever before and my mind is stronger. Thank you for your guidance. + Rebecca, Byron Bay

Its been the single best thing I’ve done wholly for myself and i can’t wait for our sessions each week. Even if i start the session feeling grumpy, tired or overwhelmed i always finish feeling strong, happy and confident. I feel better and look better but the best thing is i have gained a love and dedication to being fit that i never had before and that is by far the best result. + Silver, Byron Bay

After the birth of my first baby in 2012 l needed help in shifting my post baby weight. Candice guided me through a training program that not only achieved great results but was also responsive to my needs as new mother. I could not recommend her services highly enough. + Tara, Byron Bay

That thing you said about 70% diet and the rest exercise.. it is so true. It wasn’t until you showed me the light with diet that I began to feel better and gained the energy needed to exercise. Then once I got on the exercise horse more regularly I wanted to eat better. Eat well = can exercise = exercise = feel better = feel good = feed better.. What a lovely cycle it is. + Louise, Byron Bay

Well what can I say! This challenge has been awesome. I feel great and know I am so much healthier.I have found the support in emails really helpful. I generally feel more satiated after meals and have enjoyed the meal planner as it is a good reminder to me to stop and eat and get those healthy snacks in. My skin and eyes are clear. My main objective was to decrease the amount of inflammation in my body. That has been a definite achievement. My right hand is less swollen and I can now wear rings on the middle finger, which I have not been able to do for a while. Also, the pain during the night and morning has decreased significantly. Movement of my fingers has also improved. I also notice it in my feet and knees. Overall a big thumbs up. You are on a winner here and the reasoning behind it and the scientific evidence back it up so well.

Even enough to convince a vegan and vegetarian to start eating seafood and eggs again! The way you put it together makes it easy and fun for everyone to follow, many thanks. + Marree, Byron Bay

I hadn’t really considered properly what would happen after the month was up and now that it’s getting closer I’m starting to think about it all. I’ve been saying it’s a month long detox, not life long! But you’re right, I don’t really see why I’d go back because I do feel better, and I’m def sleeping well – like the whole night through! My alarm actually woke me up one day last week, as opposed to me lying awake waiting for it to go off. That hasn’t happened for a really really long time. + Jessica, Sydney

After 20 training sessions with Candice I have lost over 40cm from my body and gone from a size 10-12 to a size 6-8. Each session is a challenge, but she always manages to make it so much fun. By the end of my training sessions I am left feeling so great. Candice puts a lot of thought and care into each individual clients needs and goals, I would happily recommend training with her to anyone. + Anne, Byron Bay

I am really enjoying my new lease on life, body and extra energy! This I owe to you and your support. Thank you, it really means the world to me. + Lily, Newrybar

Your stuff is good girlfriend, everything a busy chick needs to just commit and get it done! Good Stuff! P.S. It’s funny, I always thought I had a straight up & down body type. You know, the barrel waist look!! Turns out I actually DO have a waist line in there, it’s not just my body type after all. It seems it’s where those stodgy carbs of old used to store themselves.. sneaky! + Lisa, Lennox Head

I feel so much more grounded, capable, mellow, content and HAPPY. I feel like I’ve done away with thinking about food so much because I don’t need sugary refined foods any more. And feeling heaps stronger in myself day by day. My skin is certainly looking way better. My sleep is waaaaayy better. I get to sleep early and easily and wake easily. This is a big deal for me in my sleep troubled life! Thank You. + Louise, Byron Bay

I will DEFINITELY be drinking less coffee, less wine… and sugar and wheat are definitely taking a back seat. I’m thrilled with the way this cleanse has made me take stock of looking after myself. I’m loving the results and feeling quite proud of myself. + Sarah, Byron Bay

You are doing a fantastic job as a motivator Candice and i thank you for that. Sometimes when i want to cheat, its as if your in my house and I’m scared to because you’ll bust me! + Michaela, Byron Bay

The emails were fab, they arrived exactly when I needed a reminder about why I was doing this! The info was interesting too, i.e. I’d never consciously thought about where hunger comes from, the different types – I’d heard of emotional eating but never really understood it properly. I think it was a great way to start shifting bad habits, and am happy with my results. I will continue on with this way of eating. + Serena, Sydney

All that pain you put me through is starting to show results. I put a pair of jeans on today that are usually really tight and they are now loose around my thighs and butt. Happy Days! + Cara, Bangalow

FYI my arms are dead… but they look good.. in fact, the best they have ever looked, so thank you! + Beck, Byron Bay

Hey Candice.. Just wanted to share my day with you and tell you how clean eating has improved my training is such a short time.. Increased my 1rep max dead lift today by 10kg to 110kg and my max back squat by 15kg to 70kg.. My workouts have improved and my weights just keep going up and up!! + Erin, Melbourne


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