Kick Your Health Rut in The Butt!

If you’re reading this, then chances are, you struggle to stick to a health & fitness plan with your already over booked life!

You most certainly, would also identify with one or both of the following…

You rely on coffee for energy. You skip meals often. You eat on the go. You feed your kids before yourself. You spend hundreds of dollars per month at the naturopath or on vitamins. You eat when you are stressed. You drink wine every night to unwind. You exercise sporadically. You overeat because you go too long between meals. Your body is tired, even though you don’t exercise. You feel disconnected from your body. You’re frustrated. You don’t feel sparkly and sexy anymore. You avoid looking in the mirror. You don’t sleep well. You feel stuck. You wake up each morning, and the cycle continues.

Perhaps you have conversations with yourself that go like this…

“It’s time to start a health kick. It’s September now, all I have to do is get a few things out of the way first. It’s my sisters wedding in four weeks time, so it goes without saying that I will have to join in on the festivities. Following the wedding, is my husbands 40th birthday bash, which will then be backed up by my best friend visiting town for one week! This should all wrap up about November 15th, then I will be ready!”

Sound familiar? It is pretty safe to say that if either of the above resonate with you, then you are stuck. in. a. rut. my friend. Not to be confused with the popular term “too busy!”

Yep, I have been there. And I have witnessed many others go there and continue to stay stuck there. The date just keeps getting pushed further and further back until, before you know it, you are no closer to where you wanted to be twelve months down the track.

You’re the type of person that appears to have everything and everyone in your family under control. Except you hide a small secret, you’re completely miserable with how you look and feel. You may even be using the relentless demands of looking after everyone else as a distraction from looking after yourself?

You also know, that you will continue to find more pressing and important demands than your own health (and happiness) if this rut you’re in continues.

So what will it take to break your rut cycle?

It’s time to drop all of the extra body fat you have been carrying around for way longer than you had planned. Time to reclaim your energetic, sexy sparkle! Can I get an, “Amen”?!

The long and the short = if you don’t have time now, you will never have time. You truly do have to make time to have time! It doesn’t have to be hours each day…

It can simply take minutes – sometimes seconds to act out a good habit that reinforces a healthy day, just a thought, or a simple action can stimulate significant revolutions in your health!

The first thing you must do, is acknowledge that YOU! are in charge of this.

I am known for getting my clients big results! And I would say, this is because I myself chase the big things in life. I have incredible will power (which can transform in to stubbornness at times). I know when “dropping the ball” will lead to an ongoing bad habit and when there is a need for consistency for results. I know how to be disciplined and how to get things done when I want to reach my goal. In turn, I am able to train clients how to do the same…

So how does one live such a busy existence and still find time to break free from a rut?

Through small consistent steps forward. If you can chip away day by day, week by week (no interruptions) – soon enough, it pays off! The work has been done. The results are in! You feel different. You look different. People notice. And from this you recognize that you are the reason for the change (go you!). You have found your self-accountability and followed through!

The longer you continue to follow through consistently (flex those routine muscles), the prouder you feel. The better you look. The more inspired you are. Life gets better. Your confidence is lifted. You value the effort you put in, which means you… keep putting in! Boom! – You broke the rut!

Be consistent. Follow through. Take action. Show up. Believe that good work pays off until you get from your Rut to your Sparkle!

The following are some very simple & effective ways to break free from the overwhelm of getting started. Start now! Move forward from self sabotage and step in to self motivation. Kick some serious self fulfilling, health and fitness, sexy sparkle ass!

The best bit? it is so very simple.

From the below – choose no more than two goals for the following seven. Be sure to choose those that are in alignment and match the big health goal you are trying to reach (find that out first!). Feel free to also make up your own that feel right to you. Once you have chosen your two, email someone, tell them – tell your household, tell your family, tell your hairdresser, your naturopath. Make sure you verbalise it.Put it out there, show up! Plan. Be true to yourself. Stick to your guns!

Now hold you accountable for seven days –

> Drink 2L bottle of water every day
> Make week days Alcohol Free
> Go for two surfs in the next seven days
> Be in bed before 10pm each night
> Set your alarm for 6am every week day this week
> Schedule in three gym classes
> Leave out dessert for a week
> Ride your bike to work three times
> Only drink clear liquids for one week (no milky drinks)
> Stop adding sugar to your meals for one week (tomato sauce, honey etc)
> Swim in the ocean every day
> Spend 10 minutes on abdominal exercises each day
> Attend a yoga class twice
> Eat breakfast without having bread
> Add fresh lemon to your water each day
> Run the hills of your usual walking route
> Steam your vegetables instead of bake them
> Grill your meat instead of frying
> Have a chocolate free week

What keeps you from kicking your rut in the butt?




What do you think? Comments welcome below...