Watermelon & Coconut Ice Treats.


This recipe has been gifted to my blog via my outrageously crafty and talented friend Claire, who is a total whiz in the kitchen… and at making all thing delicious, it’s kind of ridiculous! Given that we are experiencing such a hot and humid Summer, it felt appropriate to share.
Heat-Beater Watermelon Ice Treats:

Ingredients :
The innards of half of one small seedless watermelon
1 cup of pure coconut water
2 tbsp of Inulin powder (good fiber/ prebiotic powder)
A very tiny pinch of Celtic sea salt (for rehydration).

Method :
Scoop watermelon into a bowl and add the coconut water and inulin powder. Blend with a Stab mixer, don’t worry if there’s tiny colorless seeds in there. Pour into ice – cream molds and if you have extra, into drink ice-block molds for a refreshing addition to soda water or iced tea (perfect with hibiscus and berry or peppermint tea chilled)… Freeze until hard, then find a shady spot and enjoy!

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