Having Trouble Holding Down A Relationship With Your Fitness Regime?


Ever pulled one of these lines on yourself…?

“I am going away in three weeks and want to get fit before I leave”

“I want to shift 5kg before my birthday” (Birthday is in 10 days)

“I can’t wait to get fit. I am so busy this month, next month it is happening!!”

“Once I move house and I am settled in, I will be able to focus on getting fit”

“I have a few parties on this month, so next month I am going quit drinking & be healthy”

Perhaps you can relate to a story like the one below?

You’ve signed up at the gym and have begun a self directed circuit (one cut out from the latest Women’s Health mag). You enjoy the routine for a few weeks, but soon find you begin to get bored – work has been stressful and before you know it, you have replaced the gym for the couch, a glass of red, and a packet potato chips… all your fit-spiration has been used up.

Then a friend then tells you how much you would LOVE her latest craze – Zumba!! Yes, perfect – just what you have been looking for, dance as exercise = fun! You hit the Zumba classes hard for two months, but then that inevitable day comes, if you hear another Zumba track, you’re going to go crazy, so you grapevine your way right outta there!!

You’re back on the couch again finding comfort in a glass of red again!

This goes on for a few months until the announcement of your best friend’s wedding! Yikes, time to get back on the program…

Lets add up your investment so far…

Running 5 mornings a week for 6 weeks = 30 hours of your valuable time +

12 week gym membership = $240 + 40 hours of dedicated to gym time +

8 weeks of Zumba 3 x week = $600 + 24 hours of your time +

(Plus X bottles of wine + X packets of potato chips)

Your Results:

You have been actively training for 26 weeks + 4 weeks off in between each “phase” equating to 38 weeks of your year! 94 hours of exercise time has been clocked and a good $1,000 spent on gym programs (not to mention more $$ on bottles of wine) and you are no closer to your desired goals…

Phasing… the commitment phobe fitness world.

When embarking on a self directed health & fitness regime, many people end up stuck in this sense of “phasing”, getting fixated on one thing and going hard out for a short amount of time, then, right when results are showing up, your motivation starts slipping, and before you know it, you end up subbing your exercise regime for food/alcohol spending just enough time to undo all the hard work you put in those weeks just gone.

It seems it is almost impossible for most of us to maintain a constant level of drive to reach our long term goals on our own. Work is often stressful, balancing fitness commitments and kids can be tricky and sometimes we don’t know we are eating the wrong foods to support all of our hard hours spent at the gym. Lets be honest, there will always be a good reason to not go to the gym.

Health & Fitness Coaches are a fabulous way of interrupting the habits and patterns you are living that stop you from reaching your desired health and fitness goals and from truly feeling the way you desire and deserve to feel!

When you have to front up to your trainer every Monday and Thursday and document what ways you have been holding yourself accountable to your goals for the week, it is a sure fire way to keep consistently moving forwards towards your goals, in an efficient and effective way – not to mention uninterrupted by your own self sabotage.

As a Health & Fitness professional it is our job to:

++ Stop you wasting your time on inefficient workouts that don’t meet the needs of your desired goals

++ Find new habits that support you and match up with your desired way of feeling and looking in your body

++ Provide you with fun workouts that progressively challenge you, and as a result change the shape of your body

++ Empower you to make healthy decisions in your day to day living, thus increasing your energy for life

++ Hold you accountable and keep you on target when you don’t feel like getting out of bed for your 6am workout (unless you are happy to cough up an $80 cancellation fee every time you feel like having a sleep in)…

Investing in your health and fitness

Investing in a Health & Fitness coach can sometimes be seen as a”luxury” outside of one’s budget. Depending on the state of your health and fitness, it can be a more worthwhile investment then taking a holiday.

Clients often say to me once they reach a goal, “I couldn’t have done it without you!” This is not because they couldn’t have googled how to eat to lose body fat and perhaps downloaded a free (unassisted) eating plan and gone for gold on their pat-malone. If you can use the internet, you can find the info you need! However having a little helping hand (and a back up generator with a surplus of extra motivation when you may be lacking) really does pay off, and if you ask me, is priceless when it comes to looking after the health of your body.

After all, our bodies are the only place we have to live in a whole lives!

If you find you are a fitness floozie (phaser) and give up after 6 months of slogging it out solo on six different fitness crazes sans the results you hoped for, perhaps you could take a look at where you could make room to budget in a little helping hand. You may even find you save yourself money with the changes you make to your new lifestyle!

I have been seeing my kinesiologist for over two years now and if you had asked me prior to her landing in my life, if I could afford $100 a week on this therapy, I would have laughed and said no way! But because I see results, and therefore find great value in the work I do with her (I am a better person for it), I have managed to tweak my life style so I can allow myself this life enhancing luxury in my life.

Invest in your health, you won’t regret it!

Candice x

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