20 Habits to Keep Your Body & Soul Healthy – For The Busy.


Busy living can make it challenging to stay on track, and committed to the routines & rituals that keep us feeling happy & healthy. Here are a few of my simple & effective life hacks that keep me feeling wonderful, no matter how full my diary is.

1. Get up with the sun, it’s the most magical and inspiring hour of the day.

2. Swim in the ocean or take a cold shower when you first wake up, it will clear your head & make you feel amazing (and is also known to help burn body fat).

3. Always eat breakfast before having coffee for healthy adrenal function.

4. Write a list of things you need to get done for the day, prioritize them 1-10 of importance and then work through them in order!

5. Drink more water & less alcohol – winter can have us forgetting to drink enough h20!

6. Prepare your own fresh food & eat out as a special occasion – it’s better for your soul!

7. If you work in an office, take short breaks to get fresh air and stretch your legs throughout the day (this helps avoid tired/mindless snacking)

8. Treat exercise like brushing your teeth – it’s a non negotiable! (att: exercise has been known to cure tiredness!!)

9. Make friends with power naps – 20 minutes is all you need. If you’re tired and the opportunity is there, learn to surrender and enjoy – taking a nap does not mean you are lazy!

10. Never hesitate on spending money on good quality food!!!

11. Always have something to look forward to – a weekend activity, to a grande holiday – we work better with purpose & direction!

12. Give more without expecting to receive in return… complimenting a stranger is a good place to start (you will make their day!!)

13. Mediate before bed, ten minutes is enough – I use “Headspace” a mindfulness meditation app, it’s really great for anyone (like myself) who has a hard time sitting.

14. Turn off all devices at 9pm & read a paperback to unwind your nervous system and prepare your body for sleep.

15. Stretch every day, ten minutes is all you need (a hot yoga class is even better)

16. Never be late if you can help it- it’s rude! If you are a little tardy, call and notify the person how long you are going to be.

17. If you have trouble sticking to fitness goals and never see them through, pay a professional in advance to keep you accountable – you can not put a price on your health & happiness, and you will be rewarded ten fold when you see the results you have been chasing finally showing up!

18. For healthy glowing skin – eat fresh produce and keep away from processed & packaged foods – soups and slow cooked meals are my staple in the cold!

19. Go to sleep before midnight!!

20. Make space for total stillness every day – even if it means locking yourself in the bathroom for five minutes to simply be.

When was the last time you saw the sunrise or swam in the ocean before starting your day?


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