My D.I.Y Full Body Workout + Video & FREE Print Out

I was recently asked to design an equipment free D.I.Y exercise for the readers of  Move, Eat, Heal. a lovely little blog I frequently write for.

It is so practical and useful to have an at home program you can whip out and do on the spot no matter where you are! I think everyone should have one of these, so I thought I would share it with my readers, you have free access to it also! Here it is.

No more, “I just couldn’t leave the house, hotel room, office, or kids.”

I am a huge fan of body weight training and performing exercises that mimic our everyday movements, termed as ‘functional training’. By basing your workouts on movement patterns rather than isolating one muscle group, you gain the benefits of flexibility, strength, balance and core stability all in one program.

The video below moves progressively from a warm up (walk outs) through to a sequence of exercises that work on the entire body, creating lean muscle tone, improving flexibility, and reducing body fat, which in turn will increase functionality of your metabolism… if done consistently for 4-6 weeks.

Want a printout of the workout so you can do it anywhere anytime? Click here to get a pdf copy free.

 You can perform this sequence of exercises two ways:

1. Set yourself a timer for 60-90 seconds and complete each exercise for the designated amount of time.

2. Follow the set repetitions I have given in the video/downloadable print out.

Read This Before You Begin Your Workout:

* Be sure to flow from one exercise to the next with little to no break once you have perfected the technique of each exercise.

* Repeat the sequence 3 more times after flowing through each exercise in the video – doing 4 rounds in total.

* For the best results, try to only take a small break in between each set of no more than 60 seconds. In this time you may have small sips of water if you need, but remember too much liquid in the tummy when you exercise is not such a good idea. Everyone is different, so listen to your body.

* For the best results, complete this sequence 3 days per week, in combination with cardio on every other day. A great way to fit in cardio is by finding an outdoor walking route that includes plenty of hills, taking a long bike ride, swimming laps or doing a spin class.

* Workouts should last for roughly 30 minutes – you may find, the more you practice this workout, the less time it takes you!

* As you get stronger, you can increase your repetitions or timer to increase the intensity!

 The Video:

In the youtube video displayed, I spent 4 minutes creating a visual for each exercise. Take the time to watch, pause and follow when you need help with technique. Pay close attention to where I place my hands, feet and the position of my back!

A great way to get through the higher intensity exercises is to focus on your out breath! Many of us have a habit of holding our breath, especially when we are deep in focus or feeling challenged.

Exercise Descriptions: 

 Walk Outs x 10 reps 

 A great way of warming up the entire body and waking up the core. This exercise encourages strength, stabilisation through the shoulder girdle and provides a wonderful stretch down the hamstrings (back on the legs). 

Begin by standing tall – fold forwards slowly, trying to keep the legs as straight as possible until the hands reach the ground, walk the hands so the body is in a table top/plank position, pause for a second before walking them back in and reversing the moves until you are in the back to standing.

** As a progression – try to walk the hands out as far away from you as possible when in the plank, as seen in the video. This will provide more of a challenge and stretch through the core.

 4 Knee Through’s to 1 push Up x 8 reps

This is a fabulous way to tone the arms, strengthen your shoulders, work the core – as well as build lean muscle through the chest (natural breast lift)

Make sure when performing this exercise, that your hands remain under your shoulders and your body weight is tracking forwards as you do your knee throughs (imagine you have a tail tucked between your legs)

When you drop to your push ups, take the hands out wide and bring the chest down towards the ground with the aim of getting the nipples, thighs and nose to just touch the floor, push back up to the start position, take the hands narrow again and repeat.

 Burpees 15-20 reps

Burpees are a favourite and an enemy. One of the quickest ways to work the whole body and spike the heart rate.

When performing a burpee, there are 4 steps to remember. “Down – Out – In – Up” Bring the hands to just outside the feet, jump the feet out to a plank/table top position (keeping the shoulders directly over the hands), jump the feet back in and stand back up and start again!

 Wide Squats x 20 reps

A great exercise for the legs, bottom and inner thighs. I give squats to all of my female clients who are looking to tone and strengthen their legs.

Bring the feet out much wider than the hips, turn the toes out slightly (keep the knees tracking over the toes). Lower backwards like you are taking a seat on an imaginary chair (ensuring your knees do not come past your toes when you look down) –  your hips should be about in line with the knees at the lowered point. Dig through the heels, push upwards whilst squeezing the gluts and repeat.

Squat Jumps x 20

 A very quick way to feel the burn through the quadriceps (fronts of the legs) and tone the glutes. This is known as a plyometric exercise and is an explosive variation of the wide squat you just performed… expect to be huffing and puffing with these babies!!

Following the cues of the wide squats you just performed, you are going to turn your squat in to a jump! Make sure to land back on to the ground in one smooth movement (without jarring the knees) in to your next squat.

 Get Ups x 15-20

 Possible the most functional exercise you will ever do. With a large emphasis on the core, the legs and the stabilisers. 

Begin by lying down flat on your back with the legs out straight and the arms long above the head. From there – bring yourself to standing. It’s that simple.

Don’t over think this exercise – as you will more likely do it correctly by following your instincts. If you must use the hands to push yourself off the floor, that is fine. If you are able to go hands free – you will be able to work the core more effectively as a progression.

Bicycle Abdominal Crunches x 20-30

 A fabulous workout for the lower abdominals and obliques, toning the waist and flattening the stomach.

Ensuring your lower back remains on the ground, begin by having your head resting gently in your hands with your elbows out to the side of your ears. Bring the shins in to a table top position and the knees in line with the hips.

Extend one leg out to a straight position, whilst the other knee tucks in to meet the opposite elbow. Imagine that you are reaching your shoulder to your hip joint. Do this exercise slowly!

** The lower you take your leg, the more advanced this exercise becomes, play around with the degree/angle your legs are on until you find your level!

 >> This workout has been designed for healthy individuals with no current injuries. Not every workout is deigned to suit every body, so please advise your health practitioner before beginning any new workout program <<

Want a printout of the workout so you can do it anywhere anytime? Click here to get a pdf copy free.



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