Common Questions.

KHolmes_CandiceBriggs_2016_34I’ve never been in a gym and I don’t know how to use the equipment!

My Own Gym has terrific, clean, well-maintained equipment. I show you how to use what is safely appropriate to your level of fitness. Once you’re introduced, you might be surprised at what equipment really works for you and takes your fancy!

What does it take to get fit?

The hardest part, is simply starting!

I find that even though every single person has a different idea of what fitness training means to them, every one of my clients all want the same outcome – to be fit, well and energized.

It’s really important for me in the first instance to get to know you as my client, your personality, any injuries and what motivates you. Then I can effectively begin and do great work with you… in a way that lasts!

Do I have to come to the gym or will you come to me?

I see clients in the gym between 6am-12pm, if you would like to book your sessions within this time frame, we will do our work outs in the gym. If you have any special requirements or need to be trained at home, please contact me and we can organise an alternative that suits us both.

*Call outs within the Byron Bay area will incur a slightly higher fee*

Do you offer one off sessions?

My passion lies in working with my clients on an ongoing basis. The way my packages are structured adds an extra dimension of accountability that I feel changes the way my clients treat their fitness, and therefore the results they gain. My clients commit monthly – paying up front is a commitment, and changing your health & fitness takes commitment, so naturally they go hand in hand. As a result, I have a very low cancellation rate and a very high success rate!

If you are just passing through town and you’re in need of a one off session, I am more then happy to give you a great workout – my rate is $100 per hour for single sessions.

Do you have a cancellation fee?

I respect both my clients and my own time, which means I always text clients a reminder as to when your next session is, this is reserved as your time slot and no-one else can book in. All cancellations must be made outside of 24hours which will allow me time to book someone else in your place. Any cancellation within 24 hours prior to your training session, without sufficient notice will incur a fee of the full rate of your training session.

Do I have to change my diet?

Of course you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to…. However, I find that changing habits and making a real commitment to your health and fitness, inclusive of your eating habits – pays off far more than you struggle!

Together, we put structure into your eating habits, teamed with plenty of support from me to bust through your unsupportive eating patterns and food relationship. Planning and discipline are required, but like most things, you only get out of something what you put into it. The results are stunning if you follow the program.

As a trainer, it’s my responsibility to lead you to what works for you and it’s your responsibility to take and implement those changes.

I am so overweight and nothing has been able to help me. It’s impossible!

When you begin to train with me, you will see an increase in your physical fitness and energy levels. Often what follows, is where the magic lies – clients find that all areas of their life start humming as well, their moods improve and their outward energy towards life lifts.

The hardest part is making a start. My Lifestyle personalised program is designed to meet you where you are, and take you to where you’d love to be!

I truly love working with people with big goals and taking people beyond what they feel is impossible.

 What if I’ve been sick or injured?

Recovering from illness and injury can sometimes be challenging. The most important thing is that we sensitively and holistically support the body to heal. Being fit is the best way to strengthen the body and gain optimum wellness.

Because the program is especially designed for you, all illnesses and injuries are accounted for and worked with.

Sometimes I make a plan for your session, but find that in the morning we have unforeseen challenges, this is a normal part of life, and my profession. I use my tools and experience to quickly and easily make the necessary adjustments, so the workout perfectly supports you to keep momentum and not over-do it.

What if I have to travel sometimes and can’t make my sessions?

When we start to work together, we plan session times that suit our schedules and commit to them as your weekly allocated times. I understand that sometimes due to travel, we need to change times and shuffle things around. In some instances I will give tailored “away” training program so you’re maintaining your momentum whilst we are away.

I can’t wear shorts, my legs are too fat!

The real benefit of being fit is to be well and feel good. That you look great too is a big plus, but it’s a secondary outcome.

That said, I understand that some people do feel very sensitive about their weight and appearance. To me, it doesn’t matter what you look like, how big you are, how unfit you are, how much you feel it’s impossible, I just love helping you transform your sabotage into motivation and frustration into feeling great. KHolmes_CandiceBriggs_2016_192

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