Stay Healthy By Eating for the Season.


Eat Fresh, Feel Great

One of the best things we can do for the health of our body and happiness of our mind is to nourish our bodies with a diet of fresh, nutrient-rich food and avoid packaged, processed foods (“dead” foods).

Have you ever purchased a bag of apples from a major supermarket and found that you could leave them on the bench for weeks without them looking any different to the day you bought them? This exact thing happened to me a few years back and I will never forget it. I was baffled – I thought to myself, “How could they possibly last that long? It’s just not natural… and definitely can’t be good for you!”

So, I made a conscious change. Once I began to do my shopping at the local farmers market, for fresh, local produce, I found that I had to cook and prepare all my goodies quickly – because before long, they would start to look a little sad. Their shelf life was shorter. But this wasn’t an inconvenience. In fact, it was just the opposite. I finally knew that what I was getting was completely natural, packed full of goodness and exactly as it should be! No gases, no preservatives – just beautiful, fresh seasonal food the way nature intended. The way we are supposed to eat.

If you read my blog, you are interested in well-being and taking care of your body, if you don’t already, I really encourage you to make the transition and give shopping locally a go! Take notice of your health: how your skin looks and feels? what your appetite does? (because seasonal and organic produce is more nutrient rich, it means you get the vitamins your body needs, which can help to normalize your appetite). Is there a difference in taste to your produce? And it’s shelf life? Get to know what is actually available to you dependent on what the weather, soil and season is doing in your local climate – it is an enriching switch that will bring you more connection to the food you eat, plus a healthier, happier body!





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