Daily Acts Of Kindess (To Yourself)

How many times have you attempted a particular challenge/cleanse/program in the past and come so close to finishing and gone, “what is the point of this anyway? I have done pretty well so far, one coffee/tim-tam/beer won’t do any harm. I will just jump back on the bandwagon tomorrow.” Then two days later you find yourself in the exact same predicament, followed by “all well, I will finish next time”..??


Changing habits can be challenging and bad habits sure do creep in quickly. A couple of days turn in to months (i.e. too many morning croissants over winter) turn in to years (i.e. I need to have bread with my eggs to keep me going throughout the day + I need that hard earned desert to unwind from the days labors)… can you identify with this kind of vibe?

So the reason why I am over here pounding away on my little keyboard this morning is to reveal, encourage & support you through a process of taking control back so you can flourish in all other aspects of your life without your inner naughty getting the upper hand…

I challenge you to take acts of kindness towards yourself.. being kind means being good/friendly/generous to yourself right? It’s about strengthening your core, not physically through doing 200 crunches a day (though that’s not a bad habit to get in to either), but by getting back to our true health. The essence of who you are without food or stimulant sabotage. This is when your weight comes back to a healthy place, you sleep better, you make smarter decisions not just with our food, but with life in general – you have your “thinking cap on” perhaps you have more inspiration for work, to write, to cook – to simply be more adventurous, without any carb/sugar/caffeine withdrawal brain fog bogging you down!

When the inner sabotage gets the boot, that’s when the good stuff – the golden stuff comes in, empowerment shines through & good times roll in creating a flow on effect!!!

I know it seems crazy to make the statement: purely through changing your dietary habits the rest of your life can change, but let me tell you – it’s the truth. We all underestimate the power of our guts & digestive systems in relation to how we process and deal with our outside world!

So if you find yourself sitting on the couch having a moment of rage over how badly you want to crack open a big bag of potato chips accompanied by a bottle of red wine (or moments alike..) Try to find your inner core and check in with why you really want it?

Chances are it’s for: Self comfort, are you tired & in need of a nap? Could you be angry & stressed? Anxious? (is a big one) – Is your mind tricking you in to the treat to try and test how badly you really want to let go of the habits that aren’t serving you?!

At the end of the day, we all want to feel great right? The habit of certain short lived pleasurable experiences (like when demolishing the whole 500g of potato chips seems like a good idea) may very well be getting in the way of allowing yourself to feel great..

Question yourself this week, Are you comfortable with being kind to yourself?  How to you express this?? If your a little squirmy even reading that – Inquire in to why? What would happen if you spent a whole month without those naughty little treats? You might just have to change your perception of yourself & be kind of proud of what you have accomplished.. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel a real sense of inner empowerment when you put on your skinny jeans and they are a little looser around the hips? Sounds good doesn’t it..

How long has it been since you have felt proud of your body image & relationship to food?

Keep the good habits rolling by crowding out the bad ones!!


What do you think? Comments welcome below...