C-Fit Program FAQ

KHolmes_CandiceBriggs_2016_18What results should I expect?

In one hour, expect to feel reconnected to your body and breath. To feel more energised then when you arrived, and to feel worked. These mood enhancing, stress busting, body shaping sessions will have you buzzing with endorphines & gratitude for prioritising your health!

Over the four weeks, Candice designs monthly progressive fitness programs that will change the way your body looks and feels! Each session is aimed at getting you one step closer to have you feeling the absolute best you can feel!

Expect to work hard and train at your potential in every session…

What type of exercise will we do in a session?

Each session will be different, with direct focus on full body toning to strengthen and lengthen all of the problem areas of a woman’s physique. We progressively build your strength & cardiovascular fitness each through the use of various tools including:

Body Resistance Movement II TRX straps II Kettlebells II Boxing & Kickboxing II Medicine Balls II Pilates II Stretching II Breathing Techniques II High Intensity Interval Training

“I needed something to give me a ‘reboot’ and have to admit was a little reluctant at first. After achieving such a great result from the first round of training I was extremely inspired and excited! I am really enjoying doing things I didn’t think I was capable of and the combinations of each session is perfect both physically and mentally. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to do something great for themselves. Thanks Candice” Deanne, Byron Bay

Do I have to be fit to join?

No experience is necessary. All you need is a positive attitude and a willingness to try. If you have never worked out in a gym or small group fitness environment before, please let me know prior to your first session and I will make sure you get the attention you need for the first few sessions so you integrate with ease and confidence.

What if I have injuries?

I have a long history of working with and around clients with a variety of different limitations, see my qualifications here. If you do have an injury and feel hesitant or unsure if you would be suited to the group, please call me and we will work out an option that suits you best!

How do the class passes work?

You simply choose your commitment, purchase your class pass, and then show up! You are most welcome to mix and match the classes, the flexibility of the class passes means if you miss your session, you can simply make it up by visiting any of the other sessions that week, or save it up and use it another week! Please Note: All class passes expire at the end of the month/training program. No refunds or furture discounts will be given for future bookings if you do not make all your sessions in the month!

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“Candice leads a fun and energetic class and is excellent at keeping you motivated and she is always encouraging! I love that Candice takes a holistic approach with fitness and incorporates other lifestyle changes to help get the best for your body and mind. Joining the Byron bay women’s fitness group personal training has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my fitness, I feel more energized, stronger and fitter and most of all have lots of fun each time. I leave feeling exhausted, happy and the endorphins flying!” Elke, Byron Bay

Can I bring my children?

At this point, children will not be supervised, if there is a full group of ten women who would like to train together with their children, I am open to organizing child minding at the nominal fee of a nanny for one hour.

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“Candice has a special gift that makes you want to take care of yourself. I have never before been so dedicated to a fitness regime, i am coming into my fourth month and still look forward to my Monday and Wednesday afternoons. They are just the right mixture of sweat, laughter and stretching to get me though the week feeling great mind and body.” Angie, Byron Bay

“Whether you’re new to fitness groups or a seasoned pro who can do burpees in your sleep, Candice is the best there is! Her classes are small & personal, sweaty & painful, and TOTALLY worth it. I’ve never felt better.” Freya, Byron BayKHolmes_CandiceBriggs_2016_74