Why Boxing I Love Boxing for Fitness…


I’ve been scheduling boxing in to my fitness routine twice a week for some time now, it has been my saving grace while going through some big changes since the start of the year, both for my sanity & for stripping body fat… I am in love with it!

The rest of my workout week normally consists of running 6-8km (followed by rolling out on a foam roller for a rather grueling half an hour) three times per week, and also squeezing in a yoga session once, hopefully twice. It’s my current perfect weekly movement combination

So why has boxing been such a standout within my routine? Partially because it acts as a form of HIIT (high intensity interval training) for rapid fat burning, and partially (actually, largely) as a form of stress release… and let me tell you, it works a treat, on both fronts!!

So when designing my BBWF program early this year, I decided to dedicate Wednesdays as our “Hump Day Stress Busting Boxing Session”… the class has been a favorite and the feedback has incredible!

Our boxing sessions always provide a fun mental & physical challenge, with short, powerful punching & kicking combinations… and the post workout reports? feeling lighter, energized & more powerful then when they turned up to class…

It’s fairly safe to say, we are all hooked on the boxing buzz!!

What benefits could you expect to see from including boxing in to your fitness regime?

  • Increase in strength and endurance without the use of weights (did you know boxing is a form of resistance training?) which means your metabolism will stay higher for hours after your training session, as apposed to that of other cardiovascular type training.
  • Boxing is low impact, but high intensity – which means your joints will be protected (with correct technique & wrist guards if necessary) gaining all the benefits without aggravating old injuries that get inflamed with other high impact exercise.
  • Hitting the focus pads with the correct technique strengthens your bones, ligaments and tendons, helping to prevent osteoporosis and other degenerative conditions.
  • Boxing is a form of HIIT (short bursts of high impact training) which means you can expect to see a big jump in your cardiovascular fitness within a short period of time.
  • HIIT is also one of the most powerful methods of burning body fat, so if you’re trying to shed stubborn fat, boxing is your ticket!!!!
  • Improved strength and power – building your strength and stamina to keep on going in a round of boxing is great for your overall fitness and feelings of wellbeing in every day life. I believe that when you are physically fit and strong willed, your mental state is elevated and you can handle more in our every day living, outside of the gym!
  • There is nothing better then feeling strong as well as agile – one of the unique benefits of boxing for fitness training.
  • Expect to gain improved core stability without having to do thousands of sit ups… having to move quickly on your toes, and rotate from your hips in an unstable position when you box is an incredible core workout (my abs often ache the day after I box) – one of my favourite perks of boxing.
  • Boxing is a time effective way to train hard and get results in a short amount of time!
  • Expect to have F.U.N – My girls are always laughing the whole way through our boxing classes, it’s a great social outlet – bonding over your co-ordination (or lack of) with your partner is a great way to spend a workout.
  • Improved co-ordination and body awareness – boxing can be past paced and fairly heady, so if you are the type of person who rocks up to class, and gets swept away in your own thoughts, boxing will bring you back to the here and now… quickly! It will literally keep you on your toes, and improve your focus!
  • Lastly, my favourite – it is a MASSIVE stress release. Once you’re hitting well, and you can hear the sound of the “sweet spot” when you hit that pad, you will be hooked! It’s an incredible way to build confidence and let go of unwanted emotions through movement… and, your family will LOVE you for taking it up!

Interested in experiencing a boxing buzz?

You can join on of my three classes next month, starting June 8th and learn to box with an incredible bunch of women in my four week program (8 sessions per month). All sessions are targeted at female problem areas and are loads of fun!! To find out more about the classes, click here!


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