As a holistic trainer, it is my goal and great joy to bring you to a place where you know and understand your bodies own unique health and well-being needs, moving you past conscious and unconscious self-sabotage, toward the best expression of yourself! Having worked with clients for over a decade on their big goals, it is a pleasure to guide my clients down the path to self using their energy in motion – movement, metaphysics and mental resiliance.

When clients begin to transform and let go of habits that no longer serve them, not only does their physical vitality improve, they very soon find all other areas of their life start humming. Their mood improves and energy levels lift, creating a healthier, happier, more peace filled life.
It is with great sensitivity that I serve others in finding the courage and strength to become attuned to their own health journey. My clients dig deep, taking responsibility for their health, happiness, and most of all, for showing up to find ways to prosper in to their highest most expanded version of who they can be… with self compassion and a strong, supple body!

 “It was your 30 day challenge that really kicked it off, I started it on April 5, then it took about another month to reach my “true weight”, which I had been trying to do (unsuccessfully) for a few years before I began personal training with you. Now I’m the fittest (and lightest) I’ve been in 8 years. And I still enjoy a glass of wine, the odd burger, and dessert from time to time.
You run a tight ship Candice, thanks so much. I am thrilled with my results!”

D.Thomas, Byron Bay

About Candice –

Written by Trudy Johnson, long term client to Candice Fit.

As vibrant as Candice is on the outside, it’s the inside of this expert lifestyle coach that really shines through. Candice Briggs could well be the poster girl for Byron Bay, the sun-kissed locale where she lives and works… it is her mission in life to guide others toward the best possible version of themselves that really illuminates this petite, humble woman and makes her an outstanding trainer.

Straight-talking, committed and hard-working, most of her clients have been with her for years and it’s no surprise why. Driven by passion and purpose in her own life, Candice’s big-picture thinking is what attracts her clients and inspires them to give their best. For years, her Boot Camp clients at Byron Bay Boot Camp affectionately called her ‘the smiling assassin’ – with that sweet smile we know so well.

This results-driven fitness coach is insightful, knows what makes clients tick, and will know just what your body needs, often before you do. Candice proudly takes people well beyond the “I can’t do it point”. Her passion for physical fitness is matched by deep empathy and care for others, as she herself understands what it means to navigate the path back to health.

As a young child, Candice suffered severe asthma and numerous other health complications which projected her on to her own healing journey, moving from Melbourne to sunny Byron Bay where she began swimming upon her doctor’s advice, continuing on to become a competitive swimmer, an athlete and a dancer.


+ Cert III Fitness
+ Cert IV Fitness
+ Advanced Level Kettlebell Training
+ Advanced level THUMP Boxing Certified
+ Les Mills RPM Certified
+ Certificate in Motivational Techniques
+ Certificate in Myofascial Release
+ Advanced First Aid Trained
+ Registered with Fitness Australia for over 10 years
+ Pro Rehab Trainer Essentials Trainer
+ Pre & Postnatal Qualified Trainer + Kinergetics level 1-7 Qualified Kinesiology Certification


+ Three years Corporal Bootcamp Instructor for Byron Bay Bootcamp
+ VIP Wellness Center Manager, Splendour in The Grass
+ Trainer for Gaia Retreat & Spa, Australia’s leading Health Retreats
+ Featured in Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine
+ Corporate Trainer & Team Building Skills for North Byron Beach Resort
+ Contributor for Paleo Foodies Website
+ Facilitator, Paleo Health Retreats, Byron Bay





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