A Workout Shared is a Workout Well Spent!

Last Sunday Morning whilst I was getting ready to do my usual dash up the local lighthouse, my partner’s eleven year old son said to me, “Where are you off to?”  to which I replied, “I am off to climb a mountain!”  His little eyes lit up!“Can I come?”  he said… We had a date!

I was a bit surprised and aware that I had perhaps painted a bit more of an adventurous outing when it was really more of a scenic cardiovascular workout with a lot of “huffing & puffing” involved. A small part of me felt resistant to the possible compromise of my walking pace and the other part was kind of excited and thrilled to take him on his first ever lighthouse mission.

I decided our start point should be Wategoes – with the intention of getting the hard stuff over and done with first, also trying to avoid any chance of a decline in interest resulting a piggy back ride at the hardest section. We slapped on some sunscreen, put on our hats and took our togs so we could jump in the ocean to reward our efforts.

Here is what happened…

It was a rather wild and windy, yet sunny morning, the kind of weather to make your hat blow out to sea! We set off at a much more leisurely pace than my usual, toddling along, we chatted and he told me stories from his younger childhood days. I looked over to him, his smile from ear to ear, chatting away as if he was off for his usual morning stroll! I felt a warm burst of happiness in my heart.

I challenged him to try some running, he was up for it, in fact he kind of killed it. We stopped a few times on the way up and watched the wild, woolie waves crashing in to the rocks (something I rarely do unless there is a whale sighting) and then jogged our way back slowly, chatting away until we arrived back to our start point, finishing with a big Hi 10!

Then came swim time! We threw on our togs and headed for the moody ocean, covered in a film of sweat, eager to cool off! “I love my post exercise swims”  I thought to myself, at this point he looked over to me and said, “This is the best day ever, I feel so good!” – he felt the same way… I almost cried with joy!

We frolicked in what we described were “big friendly giant” waves, they were big and unruly, though soft and welcoming at the same time – it was perfection! After our swim we sat up on the grass in the windy sun, soaking up the post exercise endorphins.

On our way back to the car he said to me, “I can’t believe I have only just discovered this!”  so we planned our next trip!

This morning brought me so much happiness, I would gladly give a few days of my high intensity exercise regime to get another hit of the soul fulfilling goodness that comes when you share something you love with someone you love. I think there is something to be said for this kind of exercise experience…

Exercise is important, Yes! // Exercising beyond your own limitations with a trainer is fantastic and can be necessary for kicking goals! // Being consistent is key // Exercising on your own can be vital and very therapeutic! However, some of the most enjoyable exercise experiences are often those shared in a group environment, with a lover, your children, or even with a fluffy companion…

Take your children, bring along a friend, or your pooch! Change your pace! Stop. Smell the flowers! Take in the surroundings and take it easy for a change. Enjoyment is just as important as getting your heart rate up and burning X amount of calories. I am going to be including two of these sessions a week.

Do you take time out to share a workout from time to time? I highly recommend it!




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