Hot Toddy – A Cold & Flu Remedy


I recently worked as the Wellness Manager for Splendour in The Grass, running a health centre for all the backstage guests and staff, so they had a nook of health they could recharge their batteries in amongst all the fun & festivities – it was truly one of the most wonderful and fun gigs I have had the pleasure of working at within my industry.

On the down side, I did inevitably fall ill with the flu just days later, hard, I was down for the count for days. Desperate and inspired by seeing a few sneaky hot toddies on my clients’ food diaries over winter, I decided to make use of some old cooking brandy we had in the cupboard and made up a little potion of my own to ease my blues. It was rather delicious, and it most certainly alleviated my symptoms to help me to rest my weary head.

Note: It does have alcohol in it – however you can leave out the brandy and enjoy this soothing beverage equally as much!!

Candice’s Hot Toddy:

2cm ginger, grated (I use a zester)
Juice of 1/2 lemon
1 tsp of Manuka or raw honey
2 drops of clove oil
20-30ml of brandy/whiskey
1 cup of boiling water

This recipe will make one mug of toddy hug – I also add in the honey after a couple of minutes to maintain its medicinal qualities. ++ Enjoy x


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