Challenge Yourself – 8 Ways to Feeling Great in 8 Days!

How many times have you looked back at the end of the winter period and said, “How I could have possibly let myself go?”

Undeniably, most of us can relate to two or more of the following when it comes to the chillier months:

1. We find environmental reasons (aka excuses) to turn it down a notch or two on our fitness routines, sometimes flicking the switch off altogether.

2. Our enjoyment for starchy/carbohydrate dense foods sky rockets.

3. We drink sweet/milky drinks more frequently – it’s hard to turn down the invitation of a warm chocolate!!

4. We manage to come up with 101 reasons as to why it would be absurd to go outdoors in the elements, and rather, how much more sensible it is to stay in doors (finding our way in to the kitchen).

5. Winter inevitably draws to and end and all of a sudden we feel panicked at the thought of stripping down to our swimsuit

6. We look for the quickest way to bring ourselves back in to pre winter form.

Living in such a warm climate here in Australian, it’s no secret that spring will be dawning before we know it – so if you are starting to feel the remorse of your winter spell – don’t panic, I have the perfect answer for you. A completely do-able 8 day challenge to get your healthy mojo back on track, inclusive of a printable PDF check list so you can track your progress and proudly tick whoooosh the days away to feeling tip top again!

Are you in?  

This is how you do it: Download and read your 8 ways in 8 days to-do list.

  • Print out your PDF scorecard to track your progress
  • Fill out the top section of your scorecard to set your intentions
  • Aim to tick 4 of your boxes every day for the 8 days
  • p.s. the more boxes you tick, the more clear you will feel!
  • Choose your 4 ways for day one, stick your check list on the fridge & you’re on your way!

Looking forward to hearing about your progress along the way. Please leave comments below or feel free to email me or  on how you’re progressing! I would love to see photos of what boxes you’re getting through in your 8 days.


What do you think? Comments welcome below...