Why I Workout on Sundays + My Paleo Breakfast Pudding

I’ve been working out on a Sunday for some time now, it’s my new favourite thing!

Earlier this year I decided to start my workout week on a Sunday as an experiment to try and shift an inconsistent workout schedule I had fallen in to. And as it turns out, it has been one of the single best changes I have made to my fitness regime to date!

Since making the change, I have experienced a massive increase in my motivation and ability to follow through with the rest of my workouts (and other health commitments) for the week. It solved my “inconsistency” dilemma, and has been an extraordinary win for my overall health, so naturally I wanted to share why you may want to take it up also…

When you make Sunday your first workout day of the week, not only is the gym quieter, you have ticked a box you would normally struggle to tick off in between all of the other pressing demands that your Mondays ask of you – easing the pressure, so you can spend more time doing the other important stuff and begin your week feeling on track and more productive, which is a rather important foot to start your week on, I say!

Sunday workouts mean this to me…

I am far more relaxed, and willing to train harder for two reasons:

1) Saturday I take rest, so I have plenty to give on Sunday.
2) Without my mind being in work mode, I am more creative with my workouts. I produce less cortisol (stress hormone) which means I have a better workout.

> You’re week has started with an early win – like attracts like – which means I have more wins throughout my week – truly, it works!
> I train six days, which means I finish up on a Friday – coordinating with my working week perfectly, it makes for an ultra relaxing Friday afternoon.
> The gym is quieter which means, more equipment is free, more fan hogging and my own tunes – it’s heaven!
> Mondays can be used for cardio, yoga or a social lighthouse walk – which can be easier to fit in on a busy Monday.
> The overwhelm of being back at work/in school drop off routine is decreased – which certainly eases the pressure off the beginning of the week.
> You are more likely to have someone at home on a Sunday who can mind the kids for an hour while you sneak out to the gym?
> Sundays are taken to a whole new level of relaxation after you have done a workout. True story!
> I used to get a little depressed of a Sunday afternoon by habit – I no longer get down since working out on Sundays.
> I am the very best trainer I can be come my first PT session Monday morning. I can relate, encourage and motivate better! A big benefit for my clients.

Since introducing the Sunday workout, I find it far easier to keep up the momentum with the rest of my health pledges for the week. My mindset is different when I work out. My body enjoys it more, and my psychological motivation has sky rocketed.

Spring Breakfast Pudding

1.5 cups of pure almond milk
1/2 cup of chia seeds
1 tsp of vanilla essence/paste
3 tbsp of raw cacao nibs
Two handfuls of organic blueberries
One handful of chopped up strawberries
One handful of flaked almonds

Stir everything together, and leave in the fridge over night to set. Enjoy for breakfast, or any old time of day…

*This my own variation from The Merrymaker Sisters recipe, you can see their version here.

I have been having this each morning for the last two weeks and it is the perfect way to transition from heavier winter breakfast to a more light feeling, Spring time version. It’s also great if you need a little break from eggs from time to time like I do.

What do you find the most difficult about keeping routine in your week? I would love to know. Comment below or email me directly.






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