My Favourite Holistic Health Practitioners in Byron Bay

Working in the Health & Fitness Industry, I am constantly handing out numbers to clients and acquaintances of all the great professional therapists I use and refer others to. We are very fortunate in Byron Bay to have an abundance of incredible healers and body workers but when something arises and we have to go in search of that someone to get our body/mind/injury in order, it can be a hard and somewhat expensive task to find the right professional. We all have different preferences on which “style” works for us, and what stands out for some, may not for others.

I have lived in Byron for 22 years and wanted to share with you all of my “go to” people I use when I am in need, in hope that if you find yourself in this predicament you can jump on here and short track your search to finding a high quality treatment to get you back on track, no tail chasing necessary!

Kinesiology: Natalie Nicholson, owner of Byron Bay Kinesiology is nothing short of my hero! No words can express the gratitude I have for the work this woman has done with me! Natalie has been my (godsend) kinesiologist for over two years and has seen me through a lot. I think she is the ants pants when it comes to this incredible modality. She runs her business from the hills a short five minutes from Byron.

Remedial & Sports Massage: Shane Buckley is a rather recent find. After hearing his name whispered around town from various friends over the past few years I finally decided to give him a go – and thank heavens for that! He gives one of the best massages I have ever had and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to understanding the body in a holistic approach. He has worked with some of the best Osteopaths in the world and it shows! Shane is about a 30 minute drive out of Byron in Ocean Shores, and is worth every second of the drive for the best remedial and sports massage., you will walk out feeling like a much better version of yourself after having had a session with Shane!

Osteopathy: Julie Streckfuss has many years of experience under her belt and will sort you out good and proper. You can follow the link to find details of Julie doing her osteopathy in Bangalow.

Tarot: I have known Tamsen since I was a whippersnapper, but only recently have I known her as a psychic and tarot reader (unbeknown to me, she had been working in this world for decades). Tamsen has the warmest nature, making you feel at ease as soon as you sit down across the table, she also performs a really super great reading!! You can visit her quirky little property in Bangalow, 15 minutes inland from Byron Bay. Though you will be unable to dig up Tamsen’s details anywhere online, you can catch her on her cell for inquiries here: +61 0402 782 073

Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine & Shiatsu: Outside of being one of the longest standing veteran’s of the bootcamp I teach in Byron, Karl Farren works his super Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Shiatsu powers in his own little practice in the charming country town of Mullumbimby, a short 15 minutes drive from Byron Bay – and well worth the drive! His shiatsu will have you drooling on the table within minutes and his acupuncture hits the nail on the head, so to speak!

Naturopathy: Grace Hawkins of Preventative Health Solutions as well as Jules of Jules Galloway Naturopathy are two super awesome women and are my top picks for any Naturopathic potions, practices and preventative health measures you are in need of! Jules is also a killer raw foods chef and if you let Grace have a gaze in to your eyes, she will be able to tell you some pretty cool info about your health through her iridology expertise.

Beauty Therapy:  Simone Reany of Paradiso Beauty & Suzane Brodie of Imagine Beauty is where you will find me almost every week for all of my beauty upkeep! They will look after any sprucing or pampering you are in need of, with precision and professionalism + they are never short of a great conversation!!

Ayurveda: Mudita Institute in Mullumbimby have a wonderful little thing going on with their Mindfulness & Ayurvedic Practice. Kesther & Nadia (owners) are super tops people and they know their stuff when it comes to this ancient practice/medicine/way of living.

Pilates & Gyrotonics: Chad Beckett is a crazy, fun bundle of energy with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to movement, sound and the subtleties of the body! I highly recommend having a session of gyrotonics or doing some sounding work with the Chad!! To experience the unique and very awesome chad technique, dial: +61 0403 894 038

Ananta Yoga: The Byron Bay region is rich in great yoga teachers. I personally love Ananta Yoga Studio when I need to get bendy and spend some time working on settling my monkey mind. Geoff Brooks, the owner, gives a really great class, talking you through each pose and educating you along the way to a soundtrack (which always has a great playlist) – Expect to be doing your ‘Salute to The Sun’ to the likes of Lenny Kravitz and Morcheeba. There are plenty of laughs shared in the room, and it’s no surprise that these classes always bring in a really lovely bunch of people. I highly recommend if you get the chance, to take any of Geoffs classes, as well as all of the other sessions the timetable has to offer, you will be hooked!

If you have any secret treasures you go to in and around Byron, I would love you to comment with your recommendations!

Happy Healing,






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