Family Friendly Grain/Nut Free Pancakes


Pancakes are a childhood favorite of mine, however – over the years I have found that the traditional wheat variety tend to leave me with regretful tummy cramps, and the almond meal version feel equally as dense in my gut after I devour my stack…

When developing my 30 Day Challenge, it was my mission to create the perfect grain/nut free pancake, so you can have your Sunday pancakes… and eat them (guilt/pain free) too!

Whether you follow a paleo lifestyle of not, they are the perfect household treat, and the major bonus – your kids will also love them!!!

Banana Chia Pancakes

1 smashed banana

2 whole eggs, beaten thoroughly

1/4tsp ground cinnamon

2 tsp of chia seeds (soaked)

1 tbsp organic desiccated coconut

1 handful of fresh berries

1 tbsp of cocnut oil for frying

Add in’s: 1-2 stalks of kale, 1 tsp raw cacao, and vanilla bean

Blend up in a hand blender/food processor and fry until golden brown. (serves 1-2 depending on how hungry you are)





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