Act in Ways You Feel Proud Of… It’s Sexy.


Anyone who knows me, knows I spend a lot of time on my inner world. It’s important to me. To evolve, and to understand the dimensions of myself. I believe it’s what makes me a good, present, and conscious person, versus a reactive, habitual, and stuck one. This exercise has changed my life, and I hope that by sharing, it may bring about a little positive change in yours also…

Each day I set out with the intentionality to act and make choices by ways in which I will be proud of. It has been a massive game changer to my health and happiness.

Seems kind of obvious hey? We all want to feel good about ourselves, and do good, but the truth is, so often we get caught up acting via knee jerk reactions, that we can end up completely dis-empowered by the rapid fire reactionary choices we make.

Each and every moment we are choosing the thoughts and stories we play in our minds, which then affect the physical choices we action in to the world. Every decision in our life has a consequence that then determines what will happen next in our experience. It’s simple really, and is far more powerful then we often give thought to, and therefore, is worth slowing down enough to make room to make more supportive and kind choices for ourselves and others.

In my experience, slowing down is the best way to switch over in to making more directed and empowered choices (which is why meditation was such a game changer for me) so this does require a desire to be more present at decision making time (and this can make us a bit squirmy and impatient at first if you’re fiery like I am) – but you will find countless opportunities in your day to practice.

As many times a day as possible, before making a decision, take a moment to get quiet and ask yourself, “How can I act in a way I will feel most proud of?”

Here are some examples to get the ball rolling…

Get up early if you set your alarm the night before. Follow through.
Be a woman/man of your word.
Admit your wrong doings when appropriate.
Be the friend that tells the truth, and is willing to hear the truth back. Be honest and be gentle.
Let go of people and situations in your life that don’t support your happiness, lovingly – get to know what is in someones heart, over what is in their bank account.
Do the thing that scares you, it’s the gateway to growth.
Open up, even if it comes with risk, and know you will be ok no matter what.
Drink more water and less alcohol. Don’t take your good health for granted.
Get outdoors and experience the sun setting if you have been caged up all day.
Commit to meditation or make space for complete silence daily, it’s one of the quickest ways to make you a better person.
Go to bed when you’re tired instead of pushing through or burning the candle at both ends.
Learn the things that you expect others to do for you. It’s not sexy to always rely on others!
Say no if you’re too stretched or just straight out don’t want to, even if it means letting people down.
Take the time to cook a wholesome meal instead of eating convenience food.
Don’t buy the outfit if your credit card is maxed and you have been complaining to your friends that you have no money all week.
Go first, make the call, say the thing, without an agenda or expectation of anything in return, it’s a loving way to be.
Show appreciation over expectation.
Sleep on it instead of making big decisions when you’re emotional.
Play the long game, it’s worth it.

There will most certainly be times that the choice to be proud of, is not necessarily going to always be the one that feels good (and sometimes it will scare the hell out of you)… Personally, that’s when I know I am evolving. It may mean keeping my mouth closed when I want to gossip or dramatise a situation in my own life, or choosing not to be condescending or spiteful in moments of hurt. Remember to be playful with it and be gentle on yourself, some days will be easy, and others you may want to throw a tantrum and end up going with the destructive choice anyway, and that’s ok too.

One thing that is for certain in life, is that not many things are for certain, there are no guarantees. Getting comfortable with this has been liberating. Everything that matters takes time, being patient, being gentle and making empowered decisions from moment to moment is where our power is.

In my opinion, consciously choosing to be a person you feel most proud of, is a sexy, and loving way of approaching life.

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What do you think? Comments welcome below...