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The end of 2017 sealed the end of a big three year journey for me; which I am now calling the slow building of my “emotional fitness”.

Wind back almost four years ago where this all started – a time where I had come to the end of myself. I was plagued with anxiety and had developed insomnia sparked by the breakdown of a significant relationship, a situation that felt far bigger than me, and where I was up against someone that seemed much stronger than me. My boundaries were weak, I didn’t trust my own knowing, and to be honest, sticking to your guns when you make a big life change, especially when you’re walking away from security, can be bloody tough sometimes, it requires you to dig deep, to find the courage!

I found myself in search of compassion, accountability and wisdom in the form of an unbiased professional to help navigate me through it.

This quest instigated a massive learning curve, primarily encouraged and inspired by two incredibly invaluable people, a clinical psychotherapist by the name of Greg, and the other, a woman, Missi, who offered guidance and support using metaphysical and spiritual concepts.

Working closely with these two people began a huge transition in my life; from feeling stuck, heartbroken and alone, to, over some time, shifting into a much clearer and more peaceful way of being with myself and others in the world.

This has, without a doubt been a life changing transformation, so much so that it has ignited a strong passion within me to turn my learning’s in to a guided program, taking you through a ten week journey on how to be “more you!”

It’s very personal, and I am so excited (and a little bit nervous) to be able to share the work with you through integrating this new holistic program in to my courses, so the benefits can be spread far and wide.

I see so much value and importance on working with both your physical fitness and your “emotional fitness”, in order to create more of what I am calling “wholeness’;  taking you well past your one hour post-workout-endorphin hit, and into a lasting change of self improvement!

This course is so much more then smashing fitness tests and body fat percentages…

Personally, I have learnt what is a “yes” and what is a “no” – in relation to the people I partner with, right down to the food I choose to eat. I now trust my own guidance and feel more confident! I can sleep through the night again, and I am able to handle stress in a much healthier way, without going in to self sabotage. I feel more myself and as a result, feel more connected to others, and it is all reflected in the state of my health, I feel whole!

So many people pay thousands of dollars and head off on a long weekend retreat to obtain mental space, clarity and some form of a reset which can spark change, however this is such a short window that lasting change often can’t be accessed.

This program is a health retreat weaved into your everyday life for ten weeks and beyond, and will be worked through progressively in order to get the best results for both your mind and your body. Each individual in the program will be working closely with me to work on their own personal goals, as well as attending group fitness classes three times per week.

My aim is that this program provides you with valuable insights and tools to further your understanding of yourself in the world, and most of all, I want it to encourage you to cherish yourself, to take the best care of you, to feel more you then you have ever felt before!

My NEW Program will be run in Byron Bay over 10 weeks and will begin May 14th – July 20th. Applications are now open for ten people to join me!

Register your interest by simply filling out the form below and hitting send!

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“Candice is an amazing trainer with a unique and holistic approach. She will empower you to achieve your fitness goals, getting long lasting healthy results because her approach includes the mind, body and soul. She personally helped me transform my fitness & health by losing up to 20kgs after having my second child, whilst also supporting me with nutrition which alleviated my Thyroid condition. I continue to train with her 3 years on because her wisdom is endless!” ~ Laurie Collins


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